Monday, April 16, 2007

Essay: How I Spent My Spring Break

Monday: Had a playdate with Meghan and her boys in the morning. Dealt with my own kids for the rest of the afternoon and did piles of laundry. Husband came home late and I was still folding laundry and lamenting that I did not have one moment to myself because "mommy's quiet time" means nothing to a 4 year old and a 6 3/4 year old. Still had a trip to the grocery store to make for the Tuesday playdate and the house was in shambles. At the urging of husband, skipped my Pastoral Search Committee meeting because we weren't actually going to be doing anything that night, and then had a beer while I put laundry away. Husband went to the grocery store and then we watched 24.

Tuesday: Had a playdate with Penny and her boys. Again at my house. It was my turn and Penny and I always do lunch, but that makes it two days in a row that my kids have not left the premises. Ended the day with a beer while I tried to knit something.

Wednesday: Was suppose to have a morning playdate with Cori, but that didn't work out. Was going to run errands with the boys, but, well, that sounded like a nightmare. Dragged us all outside and tried to convince the boys that they really could have fun playing together, not in my garden beds, while I weeded. They whined and complained most of the time. I can certainly understand why--who wants to play with a swingset, stomp rockets, basketball hoop, play house, frisbee, and golfclubs and/or run around a 1/4 acre of backyard? I'm the worst mom ever. Forced Eric to take a nap and sent Ryan to his room for one hour of quiet time (if I'm the worst mom ever, I might as well take advantage...). Had the Cori playdate at her house that afternoon. My sweet husband then met me at Cori's to take the kids home so I could run my errands in peace. Then went to the 2nd Pastoral Search Committee meeting of the week.

Wow--this Spring Break is almost as good as a trip to Hawaii!!

Thursday: Went to my sister's house to play. Ryan and Eric adore their cousins, Ellie and Jack. Caroline and I watched daytime tv on her new HDTV. I'm still not seeing the point....but it was great to sit in the family room and knit while the kids played. Until Eric started to play with Ellie's Gameboy Advance. Of which both boys are insanely jealous. And Ryan was suddenly done playing with his cousins and needed to play Gameboy Advance too. At that exact moment. So that was fun.... and then I had to zoom home to go to just about the worst church elder board meeting ever. And when I finally got home found out that Gray's Anatomy was one of those compliation shows. Liars!!! You said it was "all new".

Friday: Husband stayed home, since his old job was officially over and he was leaving for Chicago the next day to beginning training for his new job. Received scathing yet expected email from church chairperson on my behavior at the worst elder board meeting ever (She wants "yes" people, and I'm not so much of a "yes" person...). Scheduled my whole day around attending the Knitting Expo at the SeaTac Marriott. Ran errands (and when did Southcenter Mall get rid of Eddie Bauer?! I did not know that before heading out that day). Killed time until 4:00 when the Knitting Expo market opened. It was terrible. Horrible. The only vendor worth looking at was Pacific Fabrics, where I shop all the time. Left after 5 minutes. Husband instructed me to go to Eddie Bauer at Bellevue Square since it was only 4:05 and I hadn't planned to be home until after 6. Husband earned some serious points for that move. Actually found a few items worth buying at Eddie Bauer. I now have capris that fit.

Saturday: Cleaned my frightening bio-hazard of a home to ensure my sitter for the evening would be willing to return in the future. Took husband to the airport. Welcomed sitter with open arms. Went to Dinner Group at Dave and Leah's house and drank more beer.

Wow. Can't wait to get the pictures back.

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