Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I accomplish more with knitting than I do with housework. You just need to visit my home, any time of the day, to realize this statement is true. I do accept the fact that part of my job is to maintain our home. But it is very clear that I am the only one for which that is a priority. At all.

I did quite a bit of house work today--Ryan has early start on Wednesdays, so Mike takes him to the bus for me on those days. He needs to be at the bus by 7:45 and I just can't do that. But I was pretty much ready to start my day by 8:00. Ryan was having a friend come home with him for the first time and I thought it would be nice if the house was presentable for Hunter. I was actually cleaning my house to impress a 7 year old. I can't risk him going back home and telling his mom how messy Ryan's house is.

So I vacuumed. And I cleaned 3 of 4 bathrooms. I have 2 small boys and one big boy, so the bathrooms REALLY needed to be cleaned. And keep in mind that I don't clean my bathrooms as often as I should. I truly hate to clean them and it's a thankless job, so sometimes they are at risk of being classified as a bio-hazzard before I get to them. And then it takes a lot longer because they are so dirty. It's a vicious cycle. I also cleaned my kitchen. I do value a clean kitchen and that is one area of my house that gets daily attention, but I put an extra bit of elbow grease into it just because. I did all of this by 9:30.....I worked very hard, was proud of my accomplishments, then sat down with Eric to play Hungry Hungry Hippos.

The great thing about playdates is that the kids entertain each other and, if things are going well, they completely leave you alone (unlike Ryan's playdate yesterday with Emily the neighbor girl. Emily did not want to draw comic books, which made Ryan cry, which made Emily ignore him, which made him cry more and follow me around the house crying because Emily was ignorning him, which made her ignore him even more....). So I got a ton of knitting done this afternoon! It was great! I sat on the couch, watched a movie, and knit uninterrupted for about 2 hours while the kids played. I have several cupcake bottoms to show for it!

Then Ryan and I went to Kids Choir at church and left Mike and Eric home alone. All of my work has been undone. The kitchen is a complete disaster (and I don't understand that--Mike fixed Eric's favorite I-don't-want-to-cook-peanut butter and jelly tortilla). It looks like Mike was making dinner for 8 and I think he had a bowl of cereal. My living room rug already needs to be vacuumed again and, well, they all used the clean bathrooms...All of the couch cushions are on the floor, there are crayons everywhere...just once I want to be the one who comes home to the clean spotless house!

But....the 5 cupcake bottoms I knit are all very much intact and are lined up very neatly along the sofa table, just where I left them. All of the work I put into THAT project is still rewarding me. I am not looking at the cupcake bottoms and muttering to myself "why even bother..."

This just proves that I should spend more time knitting. And hire a housekeeper.

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