Thursday, March 22, 2007

Big Day

It 's an exciting day here! Ryan's top front tooth came out today. It's been ready for the last couple of days, just hanging by a thread. We've tried pulling it several times, but it just wasn't quite ready. When Ryan got in the van this afternoon after the bus dropped him off, he flashed me a big jack-o-lantern smile--he had pulled his tooth out himself at lunch time! In the school office they gave him the special tooth-shaped necklace to hold his tooth for the rest of the day. I think he must have popped a few buttons off his shirt striding into class after lunch. This is the 3rd tooth has has lost and it is exciting each time.

If I have to be honest, I think I get more excited about loose teeth than Ryan does (and he gets pretty excited!). I'm not sure what it is. The mark of a true 1st grader? The 7 year old boy face? Am I nostaligic for when I lost my first few teeth?

It's the mark of a child who is growing up, but is still a little kid. This is the only time in his life that he will have the trademark snaggletooth jack-o-lantern smile (unless he plays hockey....) and I'm reveling in it. Once those permanent front teeth grow in he will have a big kid face and there will be a part of my baby that will be gone forever.

As I was taking his picture this afternoon Ryan actually asked me if the tooth fairy will put the money under his pillow, or if I will. Didn't we just go through this??!? Do you really want the answer to this question? Eric was jumping around and I wanted to take a couple more pictures, so I was able to avoid the subject in the jumble of things. For now.

I got "Itty Bitty Hats" in the mail yesterday. It is THE knitting book of 2006. I think I got the last copy. But it was truly a must-have. I've been waiting for it for over a month. The first Amazon Marketplace order never came and, after 3 weeks, I emailed the seller only to find out that it was out of stock and they never planned to send it or the email informing me I was out of luck. They received a less than satisfactory review. However, the next Amazon Marketplace seller was quite professional and now that it's in my hot little hands I am all in a tizzy to get started.

The problem is the hat I want to make uses my size 6 circular needles and my size 6 double pointed needles. These are by far my most used needles, which you can tell just by looking at them. The circular needles are all dented from a very bad experience with bobbles, and the wooden double pointed needles have a lovely patina on them from years of use. I recently lost one of the double pointed, which irritates me to no end... I really need about 3 sets of each. My size 6 needles are currently being used for this horrid frog hat that I am sorry I ever started. It started out easy enough, but the pattern calls for a crown on the top. I have used 2 kinds of needles and started that stupid crown about 5 times. The directions are less than helpful. When my new book came I got all excited until I realized that the blasted frog hat was using my size 6 needles. So I very reluctantly decided to finish the stupid thing. About half way through the crown I realized that it wasn't looking anything like the picture. The crown on the hat the cute baby in the picture is wearing is standing up, nice and regal. My crown is flopping all over the frog head like it is made of wet noodles and I'm too annoyed to come up with a way to make it work. I hate the frog hat. I'm not sure what annoys me more--the fact that I've wasted a skein of yarn or an entire evening of knitting was for nothing.

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