Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I didn't think I would have to worry about this for a few more years...

Yesterday when I brought Eric to school I noticed his friend Sam (and by friend, I mean girl friend. As in, she is a girl. And his friend. And he really likes her. And she really likes him) was practically beside herself in nervous anticipation. Sam is a chatty giggly thing anyway, but yesterday she was unable to contain herself. And Eric was amused by this until he realized why she was all atwitter.

Sam had written Eric a love note. And was holding it in her hand, jiggling around, saying this is for Eric but I'm too nervous to give it to him but I want to give it to him I wrote him a letter I need to give this to Eric because I like him and Eric immediately pretended that Sam had completely vanished from the premises and would make no eye contact with anyone until his teacher opened the door to let them into the room, which allowed him to make his escape from The Line.

Never have I been so anxious for that child to return from school.

I love you. I am
turning 6 in May 10.
I like your fossil. Sam B!??

When he got home, Eric opened the letter and then had me decipher it, which I have to say took some doing. And clearly the fossilized sharks tooth that Eric brought to show the class made quite an impact on that brazen little floozy.

Eric then hid the letter in his secret lab, which is a carpeted crawl space in the dormer of his bedroom, decorated with Pokemon cards and signs that say Kepe Out.

Already a heart breaker at the age of 6. Must be those blue eyes. Or the 9 cowlicks in his hair each day. Or his devil-may-care attitude about his wardrobe choices.

Yes, while Ryan is busy collecting his Student of the Month award for quality work and hobnobbing with the Principal, Eric clearly has other priorities. And all of this begs the question--has Ryan ever received a love note? And why don't I know about it? I mean, if this illicit activity is going on in Kindergarten, surely the 3rd grade has a few of these things floating around. But then again, the fact that Ryan has not already dug a hole and buried himself in it could be proof enough that cupid's arrow hasn't struck room 203. However, he does seem to get really angry whenever I mention the name Willow...

When I am not occupied with invading my childrens' privacy, and sharing it with you, I have been doing some knitting. These are the Druid Mittens for my mom, out of the New England Shetland. It is a much much stiffer yarn than the KnitPicks Essential Tweed and is, frankly, kind of a pain to work with. But it does make a beautiful mitten.

And speaking of KnitPicks, I just received some needles from them. Everyone raves about KnitPicks needles, but I've always been a little skeptical because they are so inexpensive. But I have to say, love them! I bought 2 sets of double pointed metal sock needles, which are fantastic, and just what that New England Shetland called for. And they were only $3.99 a set. Seriously. Four bucks. I also bought a new size 7 16" circular. Fabulous. Better than my Addi Turbos. $5.49. Addis are $16.00. I mean they are really nice needles and I completely support Skacel, but how do you argue with $5.49?

And I've started on Mike's Town and Country Sweater from Lisa Lloyd's A Fine Fleece, using the Cascade 220 I ripped out of the how-not-to-knit-a-sweater-for-your-husband sweater.

Not that I'm doing any knitting today. At all. Today, well, nothing about today is for me. This Saturday is Eric's birthday party as well as dinner group. At My House. Yes, you heard it right, folks. 2 parties on the same day at my house. Today has been about ordering a Spiderman cake. And watching Eric try to select a pinata. And cleaning the boys' rooms. I mean, I even dusted up there! And after fixing a dinner that will be rejected by at least one child, I get to watch a bunch of 8 year olds play basketball.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I keep a bottle of wine in my fridge.


Reluctant Housewife said...

Two parties on one day? Yikes. I hope they go well.

And that letter? Too cute.

And the sweater? Nice.

Jane said...

The sweater's looking wonderful. Good luck with the parties. I'll be up a ladder painting DD1's room dressed in an array of uncoordinated clothing and wearing a shower cap (ceiling paint). I'd rather party!