Monday, January 26, 2009

Snuggie Up A Little Closer

I think I've told you this before, but nearly-6-year-old-Eric is a snuggly kid. Eric would wear pajamas every day for the rest of his life if we let him. Eric is always wrapped in a blanket. Always.

Eric has no long term goals, longs to do nothing productive with his life. Truly, Eric would morph right into retirement if that were even a remote possibility. He loves to lounge around. In short, Eric is a bum. Now, don't get me wrong--Eric's a smart kid. He is doing well in school, is starting to read, and can actually add and subtract double digit numbers in his head (honestly, I can't add and subtract double digit numbers in my head). And for all that talk about sedentary kids, Eric is far from obese. When he chooses to be, Eric can be very active. He loves to ride his bike and loves to run around the cul-de-sac with the neighbor kids playing superheros. Gym and recess are Eric's favorite parts of school. But given a choice, Eric would like nothing more than to lay all wrapped up in a blanket and watch tv or play his gameboy all the live long day.

You've seen the commercials for The Snuggie. I know you have. This thing nothing short of hideous. And Eric wants one. Eric is dying for a Snuggie. Everytime he sees the commercial he tells me he wants the red one. In his warped lazy little 5 year old mind, this is genius. There is actually someone else out there in the universe who appreciates the art of total and complete slothfulness as much as he does. He can picture himself enveloped inside The Snuggie, with both hands free to do....absolutely nothing for hours on end. Living in The Snuggie, Eric would have a perfect existence. Put a brand new birthday Nintendo DS-Eric-has-been-asking-for-one-ever-since-Ryan-got-one-last-May in his hand and he will have achieved Nirvana.

So we did it. We bought him a Snuggie for his upcoming 6th birthday on February 17th. Bad parents that we are, we actually purchased The Snuggie for our 6 year old child. Partly because he will truly honestly completely absolutely love it and use it every chance he is not at school, and partly so I can blog about it.

We really need to get out more.


Meghan said...

I had something similar to the snugglie when I was little - loved it!
I can totally see Eric hanging out in it and you having to drag him out of it in time for school.
so Eric!!

Jane said...

Hilarious. I've heard that they're hard to come by now. They've become so popular that they're selling out! Looks like Eric's not alone in his passion for a giant poncho!

Tiff said...

Marcus almost bought him one the other day when he was at the mall. I'm so glad he didn't! Then again, what's better than a Snuggie? Two Snuggies.

cori said...

Can't wait to see pictures of him wearing it to school and Church! And, yes, I had something very similar as a kid (it was from Grandma).

Uberlander said...

You better get him a Shamwow too. Just he spills something while wrapped in his Snugglie.