Monday, January 19, 2009

I heart Jared

I have finished my Druid Mittens! I have to say, I feel quite a sense of accomplishment. 90% of this pattern requires strict attention to detail. Other than the three rows of purling and 2 rows of knitting on the cuff, there is not one stitch that cannot be knit without referring to the charts. Five different styles of cables, bobbles, stitches slipped with the yarn in back, stitches slipped with the yarn in front...this was crazy business. And I love them so much, I've dived right in to the pair I'm making for my mom, in chocolate brown New England Shetland.

And my mom, zany gal that she is, will love the fact that the yarn is called New England Shetland, even though she knows nothing about yarn. Or knitting. But the fact that it is from New England, (or even if it had been made in Peru and just called New England, which it's not, by the way) is enough to make her happy. And I already know that she will love them because when she saw mine in Knit Picks Essential Tweed, she immediately asked for a brown pair.

Yesterday at work a couple of girls came in and bought up a bunch of the New England Shetland for a Latvian mitten class they are going to take. When I professed my love for the yarn and proudly announced that I just finished my Druid Mittens, they told me that Jared Flood has a new pattern in the brand new Vogue Magazine that has not even hit the shelves yet. Cabled gloves. GET OUT!

I actually made the customer look them up on her IPhone for me. Because I'm that crazy. These gloves--you have no idea. Even the fingers are cabled! I must have that magazine. I must make those gloves. I will make those gloves. That Jared Flood will be the end of me.

And I still have a list of other mittens from the fall '08 Vogue Knitting that I am compelled to knit. Just because they are so fabulous. What I'm going to do with six pairs of mittens, I really don't know. But they must be knit.

I'm nearly done with the 2nd sleeve of Eric's heinous Harry Potter sweater. I'm finished knitting the bag and one flower for Heidi's birthday purse. I reknit the toes of my Nutkin socks and wore them to work the other day. My feet looked and felt fabulous. And I've started knitting a pair of Dream in Color Smooshy chocolate brown socks for Mike. Oh yeah, and I have those baby hats to sell.....

Speaking of the love of my life and my reason for living, Mike did have his phone interview last week and he felt it went very well. And we have heard nothing since. It took them a few weeks between interview #1 and interview #2, so I guess we shouldn't be too anxious that it's been almost a week and interview #3 has not been scheduled yet. But it sure would be nice to have that on the calendar!

In honor of MLK Jr, I have 3 little boys in my house right now. This was not in my plan, but what can you do when Connor the neighbor kid treats our home as his home and walks right in? And then my kids start jumping up and down like Conner has just returned from his trip around the world, when in reality they saw him yesterday. And the day before. I am also raising my glass to MLK by washing every article of clothing my family owns. I get no mail and I'm stuck with my kids. I'm not sure this holiday is working out the way it was originally planned...

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Susie said...

Those are gorgeous. Well worth the attention to detail!