Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Alone at last....

Finally. I am alone. Free from these little maniacs who expect me to feed them and find their Pokemon cards and teach them to read. And all that. Mike has taken the boys to Kids Choir at church and I stayed home under the guise of getting something done. Unfortunately they will all be returning in about 2 1/2 hours. So I'll get right to the point.

So much to report and so little time in which I can complete a coherent thought and record it here for you. My life seems to be going at a mile a minute right now. Let me take a drink of my beer and give you the low down.

The knitting: It's baby hat season. As in, each of my 4 stores contacted me at the same time asking for a big ol' pile of baby hats. That is what I am suppose to be doing right now. That is what I do when I attend my Parenting With Love And Logic class with Mike on Tuesdays (it doesn't seem to be working. The love and logic part, that is. I think it would be better to send my kids to the class). That is what I do when Eric is in school. That is what I do when I should be cleaning something (at this point, pick a room. Any room. It all needs to be cleaned).

I'm finished with Ryan's Harry Potter sweater and just need to block it and sew it up, and then cry when it doesn't fit him. I've begun Eric's sweater and have completed a whole half an inch. I have one Monkey sock done, one Caroline sock done, and one Leah sock done. And I have an inch of Jack's W hat done (4 year old Jack saw my UW hats on my blog when mommy Meghan was reading one day. He HAD to have one. Apparently, for Jack, the W stands for Webkinz. Or as Jack would say, Webkinth!).

The Shop: I do love my job. We're having a sale this weekend and I love a good sale. I love helping people fill up their bags with piles of yarn.

Lever Shocks: Still working out the details, but we're getting pretty close to going public. I'm sure people will be knocking down my door, looking for shock absorbers for their '36 Buick.

My birthday: 2 days away. 2 days until the end. 2 days until I have to start wearing elastic waist pants, sensible shoes, and join the PTA. 2 days until I start subscribing to Reader's Digest. 2 days until I have to let my hair go gray and start wearing big floral prints. 2 days until I start listening to Celine Dion and learn to crochet. 2 days until I turn 40.


Kathy Slattengren said...

I hope the sweater fits him when you're done! I started cross stitching a Christmas stocking for my daughter about 6 years ago. I joked that I would have it done before she left for college ... now that joke isn't very funny ... I only have a year and a half to get it done!

Tiff said...

I love that 40 means crocheting. As if that's any nerdier than knitting. Love you!!

Wilde Thyme Knits said...

Hey, Happy Birthday!! From someone the other side of 40 who wouldn't be seen dead in an elasticated waist. In fact, I have been mistaken for one of my teenage daughters (and no it wasn't from behind or by a blind man!!)

Susie said...

Happy Birthday! I've become a recent reader and fan of your blog. I've added you to my list to receive a copy of an award that I just received. Please come by my blog and grab a copy of the award waiting for you!