Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mrs. Job

Mortifying event of the day: listening to the car radio too long while waiting to pick Ryan up at the front of the line in the school parking lot drop off/pick up area and having my battery die. Right there in front of all the students, all the parents screeching their cars around me, and Ryan's music teacher. And then calling my neighbor Shirley to come bail me out and the two of us trying to read my owner's manual and place the jumper cables in the right places so we didn't blow up both of our cars. All in the pouring down rain with 4 kids.

I did get some knitting done during my wait. Always looking for that silver lining. That's me.

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Wilde Thyme Knits said...

So glad you have such a supportive community.
Mortifying to get stuck in the rain outside school. Reminded me of the day I blew a tire parking too close to the sidewalk outside the elementary school. It sounded like a gun going off and absolutely everyone saw me do it!

Keep smiling. The only way is up!!