Friday, December 14, 2007

Something really bad must be coming....

....because this has been such an unbelievably good day.

The Wii: Our search for the Wii has ended victoriously. Mike has spent countless hours this week driving from store to store, checking multiple internet sites, and just narrowly missing the very last Wii each time. The rumors about Best Buy, Target, and Fred Meyer are that a lottery will be held on Sunday morning for any and all people insane enough to arrive at the store by 5:00 a.m. (and then there was another rumor that Target was going to be first come, first serve--who really knows?). Last night Mike and Meghan were on the phone strategizing (I completely checked out about a week ago) and at one point the discussion turned to hijacking a UPS truck. No one loves a good hunt more than Meghan and she was even willing to stand in line at GameStop for us on Saturday morning because we have a Christmas brunch to attend.

30 seconds after Mike and Meghan hung up, our friend Mark called, asking if we were still on the prowl for a Wii. Apparently Mark has a colleague who knows someone at Nintendo and is able to buy products from the employee store. And somehow Mark was able to ask this colleague to buy one for us. Which he did. This nameless, faceless person used up a favor buying a Wii for us. Mike and I are practically giddy with excitement! We are now trying to figure out just the perfect way to give it to the boys.

The vacuum: Shirley's vacuum has been permanently returned to it's rightful home. I am the proud owner of a new Bissell-bagless-$129-it's-not-from-Sears vacuum. Although I still covet the Dyson, I am perfectly happy to be vacuuming with a working machine that is not from Sears. And when it dies 2 years from now I will very happily replace it, knowing I only paid $129 and it did not come from Sears.

Happy Delusions: I popped in today to pay my rent and check up on my inventory. Cinderella has sold! I was practically speechless when she told me.

My house: This is where my giddiness ends and I come back to reality. My house is a mess. A disaster, really. In fact, it's down right dirty. I think I have some time to clean it on Sunday.

The knitting: Again, a bit of a sore subject. It's the current reason for the state of my house.

Misc: I am living with a 4 year old, a 7 year old, and a 39 year old man who has been hunting to the depths of the universe looking for a Wii, at Christmas time. They are all making me crazy and I fully understand why my mom never saw the magic of Christmas the way we all did when I was growing up. I still have a ton of shopping to do, I have not even ordered my Christmas cards, let alone written the letter or even made a list of names. I may be sending New Years letters. For years Leah sent Epiphany letters, which I always found funny until now. I may be asking all of you to celebrate January 6th with me. I'm working a lot at Cultured Purls this next week, which is wonderful, except for the fact that I still have to purchase many of my gifts and actually wrap them. The thought of baking anything makes me laugh. And twitch. Oh yeah, and we're hosting Mike's sister and her husband for Christmas Eve. I wonder how they feel about pizza for dinner? Eric has already requested it, so I know at least he will be happy.

And currently Emily-the-neighbor-girl and her brother Daniel are here for the evening. Ryan and Eric have been acting like their long lost relative from Timbuktu is about to arrive, bearing gifts (or a Wii), rather than the people they see every single solitary day of their lives.

There is a Mike-arita in the fridge calling my name.

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Tiff said...

We love pizza. I hope I don't sound too much like Kevin McAllister if I request cheese... Oh, and we will bring extra Wii remotes and the cookies we will no doubt be given by then. :)