Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

It is Christmas Eve at 8:22 am and I have about 8 loads of laundry to do. My floor hasn't been vacuumed, with my new Bissell bagless vacuum, in days, and the bathrooms....there are no words. I wouldn't care so much if we weren't having Mike's sister and her husband for dinner. And well, that means I need to feed them. And church starts at 4:00, which means I only have until about 3:15 to get all of this done. My Christmas cards are only 1/2 addressed and we just finalized the letter last night. We have no stamps and Mike needs to go to Kinkos to make copies.

Perhaps I should concentrate on what I have accomplished so far. My shopping is done and, as of 7:00 last night the gifts are actually wrapped. We've planned a scavenger hunt for the boys which will result in finding the Wii under the couch. I worked close to 20 hours at Cultured Purls this week, and I was completely successful at doing absolutely no baking at all.

My job is great. The people I work with are so nice and I get to help people pick out yarn. This week I got to help a lot of husbands select gifts for their wives. I'm having a great time there. I'm actually accomplishing some of my knitting backlog and I have finished the boys' Harry Potter bookscarves, Jeremy's hat, and I've made significant strides in Meghan's cake.

Anna canceled the rest of her order (which I had suggested to her a few times, but I guess it needed to be her idea) because the stuff is not selling as fast as she had hoped and the thought of making 4 more pairs of booties right now was just about to do me in. I still owe my mom a sock and now I'm starting to compile new projects for ME. Cultured Purls sells this really fun hand dyed sock yarn, so I had to get some of that! I also plan to make some convertible mittens, a really great scarf (I'm not a scarf maker, but this one is very pretty and is a lot more interesting that 10000 rows of garter stitch), these cute woolly snowmen, and oh yeah.....I still have to replenish my stock at Happy Delusions and Venue.

We're trying to talk the boys into opening all our gifts tonight. We're a Christmas Morning family, but tomorrow we have to leave early to make the 2-5 hour trek up to my parents' house. I've explained to the boys that I don't want to rush them and I want them to be able to enjoy their gifts. They will still have their stockings in the morning, but opening the rest of the gifts on Christmas Eve makes more sense this year. According to Ryan, I am ruining Christmas! Why would I do that? We HAVE to open presents on Christmas morning or it will all be RUINED. Fine. I'll get up at 5:00 am and then MY Christmas will be ruined. I'm kidding. If it means that much to him, that's what we will do. But I will be the first to say I TOLD YOU SO when he complains that there is no time to play with his new toys because we're in such a hurry.

Merry Christmas to my 6 faithful readers!!


Penny said...

So I have to ask: Has Ryan stopped believing in Santa? They grow up so fast.

The Maven said...

Totally random, but re: your (great) Christmas letter:

Pokemon = pocket monster